I’m pleased to inform you that we issued a press release this morning announcing that Risk Strategies has acquired FBA National.

 This is a strategic addition to our Employee Benefits practice and capabilities. FBA National, headquartered in Garden City, NY, is primarily focused on tailoring benefit packages for clients complying with wage parity, living wage, and similar requirements such as prevailing wage rules for government contractors. They’re also a leader in the New York region’s Home Healthcare market, matching well with the capabilities of our TSG Financial acquisition, also on Long Island.

 As government and other municipal entities establish living wage and similar regulatory structures, and our national demographic trends skew towards an aging population, the Home Healthcare industry represents significant prospects for growth. We expect the acquisition of FBA National to open a variety of new types of opportunities for our Employee Benefits practice as we scale their capabilities nationally. FBA National’s administrative service model will allow us to begin to insource services that we have historically sent outside of the firm.

 Between its Garden City and New Paltz locations, FBA National has a team of three dozen, dedicated, smart and enthusiastic employees. We’re excited to bring the talented team at FBA National to the Risk Strategies family as we strengthen our expertise in employee benefits.

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Please join me in welcoming FBA National to the family, and sharing the news in your networks.


John Greenbaum